Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Good Doctor

People often ask me, “Are you related to THE Lloyd-Jones?”

To which, of course, I respond ... “But I AM the Lloyd-Jones.”

Of course, what they're really asking is: “Are you related to THE Doctor David Martyn Lloyd-Jones?”

Dr David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) is the rock star of theologians, writers, thinkers (seen here wondrously on a horse). And I'm a total groupie.

I wish I could say I’d met him. Or heard him preach. Or had him as my great Uncle.

Sometimes I even wish (inappropriately) I could tell lies: "Ah yes! He used to dandle me on his knee of an evening. How well I remember him singing Welsh hymns to me! Oh yes—and the time he took me riding on his horse!"

Anything to not have to say the one thing I actually end up saying which is: "No.”

Which for some reason I always follow with "sorry." I feel it is such a let down. I'm rather let down by the whole thing myself.

The only connection is that half of me is from that same passionate Celtic corner of the world (Wales). But it doesn't quite do, since I've never lived there and only know maybe three words (“Hello”, “Goodnight,”  and “Darling”—handily perhaps the most essential ones, but nevertheless.)

But I'm pleased when people ask me if I’m related—because it means I've found another fan of DML-J's teaching and sermons and books—and (if they're not too disappointed) probably a new friend, too.

If you haven't heard of him, then I'm happy to introduce you... Meet THE Doctor David Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

In fact, I snuck him into my new book "Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing". One of the things I loved best about writing this book was that I got to share some of my MOST favorite writers and thinkers.

Here's one entry (inspired by the good Doctor’s great book, "Spiritual Depression".


Copyright © 2012 Sally Lloyd-Jones. Illustration Copyright © 2012 Jago Silver

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The Crystal Cathedral

If you'd told me a couple of years ago, I'd be appearing in a big cathedral with a full orchestra and choir and with a former Miss World—I’d have laughed. Don't be silly. 
I never would have beleived you.
But then again, if you'd told me I'd be "Playing the Ryman" I wouldn't have beleived that either.
I'm learning what I expect or think or imagine is beside the point - and usually way too small.


So anyway, there I was, that Sunday morning last December, driving to The Crystal Catherdral to be interviewed by Bobby Schuller about my new book "Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing" - in two services that are broadcast to millions.
I was driving along when suddenly I had to pull over. There, smiling out at me from the side of the road was a face in lights - a face I knew - me smiling back at me. Obviously I had to stop and take a photo.


Next I parked in the campus. Took some more photos. And then I met the friendliest, most generous people, who welcomed me and fed me and prayed for me. I had make up and hair done, trotted up some steps in between some pastors and out into the cathedral - and the service.
It was wild. It was nothing I ever expected. And it was a total blast. I can't wait to go back!
Here is the video of it. (Miss World comes after me.)

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