Friday, July 6, 2007

first peas

here's poor Mr Griffin being fed his very first peas.

(CAUTION: this is a tale of bitter betrayal and dark parental badness and may be distressing for some viewers. Parental Guidance is advised.)

Here he is, first of all. Griffin. The innocent, trusting, beauteous child, look at him smiling up at us ...

How could he have known? How could he possibly have know?
How could he have had any idea what was at that very moment being prepared for him in the kitchen? What evil noxious poisons were being hatched by his own mother? And at that very moment, barreling down towards him?

... Only to have it thrust into his waiting mouth... a wicked GREEN (green I tell you!) foodstuff the like of which i have never in all my life tasted and never hope to taste ever after

maybe I can just hold them in here and then blow them out when they're not looking. or dribble them all out slowly from of the corners of my mouth

... horrid YUCK ick! why is my mother feeding me these. they're green. and i didn't ask for them. or expect them. or even know what they are. and i don't like them.

The question we at the FBAP (Friends of Babies Against Peas) are asking is: what did Griffin ever do to merit such cruel and unsual punishment? And wouldn't apple sauce have been more considerate?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Monday, July 2, 2007

scribble chairs

These aren't children's drawings. They're real-life, actual, sit on them chairs! Cool, eh? They're designed by Lucy Merchant, who lives in London, and they're made of steel rods.

Sort of looks like what chairs would be if you could just draw them into being. Like in the classic children's book, Harold and The Purple Crayon.

Hmm. And what about just speaking and having the whole universe appear? Or saying a word and stopping a storm?

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