Monday, June 20, 2011

crimes against design

via NYT Arts Section

"Bad design comes in many forms. Things that are unsafe. Things that don't work properly, or are unnecessarily complicated. Things that are ethically or environmentally unsound. Crimes against design are different. They deprive us of the joy of great design, by wrecking or replacing it." Alice Rawsthorn

Two examples. Citroen and UPS.

UpslogoUPS logo--that wonderful "present" tied with string--was designed by Paul Rand in 1961--now it's gone, replaced by a shiny slick nothing. The "golden comb-over".

Citroen had their logo since 1919.

The old logo: a pair of upturned Vs modeled on the herringbone gears invented by the company's founder, Andre-Gustave Citroen. It reminded you that the car was rooted in design and innovation.

Gone, replaced by a bland corporate nothing logo.

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