Friday, March 11, 2011

jsb narrated by little children and animated with children's art

i'm warning you... it'll do your heart in

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Jago at work in his studio (with secret technique)

ever wonder how Jago does those incredible illustrations in the JSB? It's not exactly painting. It's not exactly computer generated. All those textures. It looks like oil. And yet... Well when I asked Jago how he did it, he said they were top secret techniques.

But I've spotted him. In his studio. And with one of his obviously key secret techniques. Right there. On his lap. For all to see.

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reading a book

OK I just completely love this and am now singing it all around my apt...

actually, i'm going to make it "writing a book" and use it to fend off those dysfunctional relatives that Ann Lamott talks about who pull up their chairs in a semi-circle behind you whenever you dare to sit down to write and breathe on you their coppery breath... (Ann Lamott in Bird By Bird in case you haven't read this life-saving book)

OH and PS
just updated my website featuring my extra exciting most new book: HOW TO GET A JOB BY ME THE BOSS (written by that same 6-year old narrator who brought you HOW TO BE A BABY and HOW TO GET MARRIED). there are some never before heard of tips which makes it a MUST HAVE...

Plus the new extra wondrous JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE LARGE FORMAT EDITION (exactly the same only larger--and with a reader's ribbon)

now be quiet
can't you see? I'm writing a book....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

60 year old mother



via NYT

she's the oldest wild bird in the US
and she's a new mother

she's very good for her age isn't she?
plus she has a good name: Wisdom

plus here are some Albatross facts for a wednesday:
  • they lay one egg a year
  • they have about 35 babies in their lifetime
  • they often take a year off from parenting (see above)

Monday, March 7, 2011

How To Smile

via NYT

When I was taking a French conversation class at the Alliance Francaise a couple of years ago one of the most interesting things I learned from my wonderful French French teacher (aside from the language) was that the French don't smile.

At least not the way Americans do.

And in fact if you smile at them as you pass them on the street, you creep them out.

This seems like an essential thing to know before visiting France. How had I never heard this before? (Had I known this, clearly my French speaking career might well have taken off.)

This NYT article is all about smiling and lips and teeth and faces. But here's the quote that leaped out at me about the not smiling/smiling thing:

"So you know," the Russian reporter informed Paula Niedenthal, "that American smiles are all false, and French smiles are all true."

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