Saturday, February 24, 2007

Are you THE Lloyd-Jones?

I'm quite often asked (particularly in church circles) whether I am related to THE Lloyd-Jones. To which, of course, I respond ... But I AM the Lloyd-Jones.

But they're really asking: are you related to THE Doctor David Martyn Lloyd-Jones. (Seen here wondrously on a horse.) And it's a huge compliment. Because Dr David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) is such the rock star of theologians and preachers. And I'm a total groupie.

But when you're such a fan, of such a great man, of course you'd love to be able to say you're related or connected somehow. You wish you had met him. And been able to hear him preach. Or had him as your great Uncle. You sometimes even wish (inappropriately) you could tell all manner of lies to make it a better story--you remember him singing welsh hymns to you, he took you riding on his horse--in short, you wish you could say anything other than, "no". Which for some reason I can't help but follow with "sorry". (I feel it is such a let down and I'm rather let down by the whole thing myself.)

The only connection is that half of me is from that same passionate celtic corner of the world as he (Wales). But it doesn't quite do, since I've never lived there and only know maybe three words (hello, goodnight, and darling--handily they are perhaps the most essential ones, but nevertheless.)

But all silliness aside. I'm pleased when people ask me this--because it means I've found someone else who loves DML-J's teaching and sermons and books--and (if they're not too disappointed) probably I've found a new friend, too.

If you haven't heard of him, then I'm happy to introduce you... Meet THE Doctor David Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Check out one of his most brilliant books (especially the chapter on listening to yourself/versus speaking to yourself) and my favorite: Spiritual Depression.

Friday, February 23, 2007

favorite quotes: part 1

"... for we have sinned and grown old."
G K Chesterton

photo of Emily catching sight of the beach for the first time that morning, around the brow of a hill one summer holiday in Cornwall

photo taken with my favorite plastic toy Holga camera

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Early Reader

Here's Lily Peach. Is she reading? It certainly looks like it to me. In fact, I think she might even be pondering--seeing if she quite agrees with just what that book has been telling her all morning long. And how nice to do your reading in front of a mirror so you can check on your outfit as you go.

But then again, is it really any surpise she'd be reading at 6 months? She is, after all, the daughter of the brilliant Jago. Wonderful father, exquisite illustrator and the guy I am lucky enough to have worked with on The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Based on the Movie of the Book of the Handbag...
Best Handbag in a Supporting Role: Clasp
Singiest Song: The Handbag Song
Best Costume: Lady under the Bush Oufit, by Bolshee and Banana
Best Shoe in an Understudy Role: Meany Blah-Blah
Best Interiors and Chickens: Pinkfoxe and Fowler
Best Boy and Key Grip: David Pinkling
Best Stage Set and Cave: Sir Frank Lloyd-Pink
Best Screenplay in a Book: Moo-Moo Ya
Best Hats appearing in a Handbag: Trillip Bracey
Most Badly Behaved and Naughtiest Handbags NOT appearing at all: Bate Skade
Best Friends appearing in a Handbag...
For your consideration...
Now starring in a handbag near you...

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