Friday, March 25, 2011

The LAST video ! ! ! extra long, extra fun

drum roll please... we have reached the last of the videos #44 (can you believe it? Thank you the brilliant Jonathan at Zondervan!)

Since it is the final one plus since it is extra long we incorporated lots of different scenes from past stories. Can you spot them? Who can guess which stories they are from?

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"If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin" Ivan Turgenev 

better get started...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is Central Park on the Upper West Side?

Fifth-articlelargevia NYT

Since 1838, Fifth Avenue has been the central dividing line between the East and West Side of Manhattan.
Except look at this bus stop sign that says it's West and the street sign that says it's East. Apparently it depends on which side of Fifth Avenue you are on. And this sign is on the west side of Fifth Avenue so actually it's still West.

Is the West Side of 5th Avenue the West Side of Manhattan?

(I am sure it is) And in which case, technically, Central Park is on the Upper West Side.

I knew there were lots of reasons to live on the UWS versus the UES. ANd now we get to claim CP!

(BTW: yesterday was the 200th birthday of the Manhattan Street Grid! Created by John Randel. Happy Street Grid Randel Day)

Monday, March 21, 2011

wellington boot inspection


(photo: Wellington Boot Inspection, 1939)

Everyone's been wearing them in New York. Even out to dinner. They come in patterns and bright colors and with cozy fleece liners.

But it used to be you'd only see Hunter wellies on Brits accessorized with Barbour and muddy field and the occasional pheasant. (Sorry. I still can't get my head round the Wellies out to dinner thing.) 

As someone put it: "I have a friend who says that when you see those things on someone, you know they know what they're doing." Best most famous of those being the Queen herself.

But that's not true anymore since we all of us are wearing them now. Unless we all of us actually know what we're doing, do we?

What I want to know is: why are they being inspected? what is she looking for? and when is the next inspection and where should I bring mine?

Oh and how can I get one of those with the number on?

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