Thursday, May 6, 2010

Metropolis: the missing 25 mins

One of the most celebrated movies in cinema history--has not been seen in it's full length (approx 2 1/2 hours) since shortly after its premiere in Berlin in 1927 when it was amputated and presumed destroyed.

But, 80 years later, the missing 25 mins have been found. And Fritz Lang's Metropolis will this week start showing at Film Forum and around the country and later out on DVD. (The newly found footage is more grainy so it's easily distinguished from the rest of the film which was partly restored.)

The footage changes the arc of the movie and apparently makes it no longer a science fiction story. Can't wait to see it. It's one of my most favorite films ever.

The route to the discovery of the missing footage reads like Indiana Jones. Read more at the NYT.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

do you speak Chinglish?

Daily life in China offers some interesting English signs and labels.    
When I lived in Singapore, we came across them on menus and even shoes. (I once had a pair of Kickers--remember them?--yes, except mine, when you looked more closely--written in tiny writing around the eyelets were called "Knockers". I was mortified walking around school with a pair of "Knockers" on my feet.)

Anyway, I am delighted to furnish you with yet more examples today. So that, should you find yourself in China, you'll know exactly what you're talking about:

Do you take an extra large size? Then you'll be needing the "Lard Bucket" or "Fatso". What about an ATM? Go to "Cash Recycling." Feeling Peckish? Try some delicious "Fried Enema." Exploring new neighborhoods? Why not try the "Urine District" or "Racist Park"? Thirsty? What about this thirst-quencher: "The Jew's Ear Juice."
Yes, and here's a lovely one: Walking on the grass? Please don't "The Little Grass is Sleeping Don't Disturb It."
and did you know? "Long Time No See"--comes from word for word translation of Chinese.
I hope they don't get rid of it. I love Chinglish. Could we maybe class it an endangered language?
via the NYT

Monday, May 3, 2010

Logorama (the oscar winning short)

saw this at the theater
along with the other oscar nominated shorts
i kind of hated it
mostly because i thought it didn't have heart
but clearly i missed something because it won
what do you think?

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