Wednesday, February 7, 2007

NY FASHION WEEK: Exclusive interview with Bate Skade!

It's the Year of the Handbag. We're buying them. We're carrying them. We're talking about them. But do we know as much as we think? Where do they come from? What are they for?

The Queen of Handbags herself, Bate Skade, comes clean about where her handbags REALLY come from. Whose been stealing them. And more. Read it now! [>]

Now at last the Story can told. (Find out more [>]) And the Song sung. (Sing it quick! [>])

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Why children's books?

Sometimes people ask me why children's books? And not mathematical text books? (Wait. No. They don't ask me that last one.)

One reason is this: I write children's books for me (since I haven't grown up yet). But there's another reason that you see here in this picture--it's because, basically, I've been hijacked.

By five little people who came into my life and took up residence in my heart. Here they are (three of them)--my nephews and nieces: Harry (top); Ellie (left); Olivia (right). (Emily and Jonathan hadn't arrived yet.)

What can I do? I can't help it. As you can see, I've been completely taken over. And I'm no longer my own.

It's magnificent.

Monday, February 5, 2007

PS 27 and Authors Read Aloud

Last week I visted PS 27 (this is us last year) with Authors Read Aloud and we read Handbag Friends and sang the Handbag Song and fought the Purple Monster and sang the song again and saved the day. It was all quite tiring. So then we read Time To Say Goodnight. And went to sleep. And had a little rest. And then I went home. A busy, lovely day. Thank you PS 27. You're the best!

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