Monday, October 10, 2011

antique scary cures/health treatments

oh dear. if you were ever tempted to want to live in the past... you just have to look at these scary cures 

have a headache? look what you'd have to take instead of Advil--and imagine if you happened to get a headache WHILE WALKING DOWN THE STREET?
Sparklet Nasal-- completely cures head colds, c. 1900-05

and I don't know what she's selling below but I don't want it (it's clearlypretending to be toothpaste but then why the scary hat? and face? and what about the name BOTOT?... what were they thinking?)
Botot Dentifrices: Liquid, Powder, Paste, Soap, c. 1925
The Next To Go Fight Tuberculosis, 1919

via NYT


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