Friday, May 25, 2007

semolina sighting

THIS JUST IN from our intrepid correspondent in London, Alice. On the fly Alice sketched this brilliant and very life-like portrait of Semolina. Thank you, Alice.

According to our intellegence, we believe Semolina was on a secret mission at the time. It is unconfirmed. None of the Handbag Friends were available for comment (probably because of the great secrecy and extreme sensitivity of their mission). And the only thing Clasp said was too rude to print here, I'm afraid.

Nevertheless, we are happy to know The Handbag Friends are still going on exciting adventures together. Missed their first adventure? Quick, find out more: Click here!

And before you go, why not join in their famous song and do a little dance? What could be the harm? Click here!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bible on best-seller list!

Great news to share ... Jago and I just heard: The Jesus Storybook Bible has hit the best-seller list! Just a month after it was published. (June list based on April sales.)

Sunday, May 20, 2007


At my prep school in the New Forest (Hampshire, England), we had a wood where the flowers took turns coming out: first the crocuses came, then the snowbells, then the daffodils, then the blue bells. It was all very polite. And British (even the flowers queue up).

And wonderful, too, because it was like having four different woods: a crocus wood, a snow bell wood, a blue bell wood, a daffodil wood. The flowers seemed to hover over the forest floor, like a mist. Purple, white, blue, yellow. Much as you see in this photo.

That's the thing about Spring in England, it's so beautiful and long and drawn out, stretching from March into May and forever.

In the States (at least where I live on the East Coast), there is none of this ambling, luxuriating, British Spring business. Spring is so short the flowers can't possibly wait their turn and come out all together at once like the Hallelujah Chorus. And for three weeks straight they're all out together waving at you in a startling parade of joy.

I love Spring in whichever way it comes--the English ramble or the American sprint--it's such the show off time of year. All finery and lace and dancing on tip toes. The cherry trees, the bright green early leaves, all the tiny budding things--everyone is dressed to the nines, in their best easter outfits and hats and scarfs and shoes. No expense is spared.

And to think, it's all part of a Heavenly Song of praise...

"The Heavens are singing about how great God is;
and the skies are shouting it out,
'See what God has made!'
Day after day... night after night...
They are speaking to us."
Paraphrase of Psalm 19:1-2, from
The Jesus Storybook Bible

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