Friday, April 20, 2007

nyc and listening

One of the things I love about living in New York is you just walk outside your door and encounter languages, costumes, stories, music from the other side of the world--all in the space of one block (mine looks pretty much like this one).

You also get to hear wonderful snippets of conversation. Which makes it even better as a writer since your whole job is really to notice, or as Henry James put it, "be someone on whom nothing is lost".

In fact, one of my all time favorite lines I ever heard anyone say was walking down my street on the Upper West Side. A small boy wearing a monster mask was chasing his father roaring, "I'm going to eat you with my mouth!" It was quite the scariest thing he could think to say (so scary I think that he was scaring himself) and it stuck in my brain and went into my notebook.

A year later I heard it coming out of the mouth of the terrifying Clasp in Handbag Friends. (In case you haven't heard it from Clasp's mouth, you're missing something, don't delay, quick click here immediately!)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

what's wrong with the world?

there are loads of theories out there but none I think truer or better said than this.

When The Times invited several eminent authors to write essays on the theme "What's Wrong with the World?" Chesterton's contribution took the form of a letter:

Dear Sirs,
I am.
Sincerely yours,
G. K. Chesterton

Monday, April 16, 2007

hop spot (with fairy cakes)

Sam (the Tiger) from our London Bureau took time out of his very busy schedule discovering and unearthing new Pinklish Words to pen this beautiful portrait of Hop Spot--who, unusually, by lucky chance, was standing still having in turn taken time out of her equally busy schedule eating fairycakes. (Thank you Sam The Tiger for this scoop!)

I think you'll agree Hop Spot is very photogenic. As are her fairy cakes. (Who, sadly, of course are now no longer with us. This is probably the very last portrait of them, in fact. Being just prior to their being gobbled all up.)

On a happier note, to find out more about Hop Spot and to watch her dance and sing with her cakes (and the other Handbag Friends): Click here!

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