Friday, January 16, 2009

miracle on 34th street

happy birthday Barbie

she's turning 50 this year would you believe it? (Well yes. Kind of. In that outfit) Born Barbara Millicent Roberts on March 9, 1959, in Wisconsin, Barbie, the 11 ½-inch tall doll, is a most famous doll in all the world. An article in The Herald Tribune points out that she's traveled the world, had more than 100 different jobs in her doll life and been dressed by more than 70 designers including Vera Wang, Georgio Armani, Christian Lacroix, and Versace. For her 50th birthday, there's all kinds of plans afoot: Bloomingdales decorating their windows with only Barbies all the time; an "All Doll'd Up" cosmetics campaign; and for New York Fashion Week in February, Mattel is staging a full-scale Barbie fashion show with 50 designers creating life-size outfits inspired by her dollyness. Christian Louboutin will be designing shoes in Barbie's favorite pink to be worn with each of his outfits. Vera Wang has designed a Barbie wedding gown for over $15,000 complete with it's very own Barbie wearing the self same matching gown (only smaller). (outfits left to right: Armani; Burberry; Benetton)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

happy quilt: Tulip Tree

It's Wednesday so here's another fantabulously gorgeous quilt in my happy fantabulously gorgeous quilt series by Denyse Schmidt. This one's called "Tulip Tree." More here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

poems bigger than you

The poet John Hollander, born in New York City in 1929, said: "I want my poems to be wiser than I am, to know more about themselves than I do."

now appearing in concert and in the NYT...

see if you can spot the mention of The Jesus Storybook Bible... (thanks Sara!) here.

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