Saturday, May 5, 2007

Jesus Storybook Bible on CBS!

There has been a sighting of the Jesus Storybook Bible in the media! Where? On CBS News: Sunday Morning, in a segment on Bible publishing, highlighting how many different types of bible are around today.

It was brief and fleeting. Blink and you'd miss it but nevertheless! JSBB was used to illustrate a "bible for kids". Cool, especially when you think of all the bibles for kids there are out there to choose from.

Jago's brilliant cover really stood out.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

polesden lacey

This is a very important house sitting on a very important seat in the middle of a very important garden of a very important estate commanding some of the very importantest views in all of Surrey. So you see it's very, very, very, very, VERY important. And it's name is Polesden Lacey. This is not a house to be messed with. (With a name like that you would have to be important wouldn't you? I wonder if you might try calling yourself something similar? You could just add it in. Like, for instance, for me, I might try something like, Sally Lloyd-Polesden-Lacey-Jones and see what happened.)

Anyway, it is a 1400 acre estate on the North Downs of England and I just visited it this week when I was back in England on a beautiful breezy spring day. Wide sweeping lawns, bluebell woods, English walled gardens, Wisteria climing up over everything (at 300 years old it was very good for its age). And all the Horse Chestnuts and Sweet Chestnuts in full bloom. The Edwardian Garden is over 30 acres with 10 acres of lawns (!).

The guide book says: "There has been a house on this site since at least 1336. The name 'Polesden' is Saxon and belonged to the earliest recorded owner Herbert de Polesden... The 'Lacey' suffix probably derives from the family of John Lacy, who owned Polesden in 1387-93, but it is first described as 'Pollisdon Lacy' only in 1562..."

This very, very, very, very, very important house has had some very famous owners: the most famous being the poet and playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan, who bought the house in 1804.

And some royal connections: "Mrs Greville, a legendary Edwardian hostess, and her husband purchased it in 1906. The house was converted by Mewes and Davis, the architects of the newly built Ritz Hotel. Mrs Greville was most famous as a collector of royalties and her friendship with Edward VII ... She was especially fond of Queen Mary (consort of George V) and of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, part of whose honeymoon was spent at Polesden in 1923, and whom the childless Mrs Greville loved like a daughter. Mrs Greville was adored by her friends and feared by her rivals for her indiscreet and acerbic wit.'"

The Hon Mrs Greville loved lots of things I'm sure: but mostly dogs it seems (there's a dog cemetry there with about 20 doggy gravestones) and royalty. And, so far as I can tell, you never, ever wanted to be tardy to one of her dinner parties. She sounds completely scary to me. But she has a great house with a great name and you simply can't beat her taste in gardens ...

read more: National Trust[>].

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