Friday, February 27, 2009

Discipleship Journal recommends...

With so many bible storybooks for children how do you choose the best? In the March/April edition, Discipleship Journal, has developed a list of questions to help parents and teachers in choosing, recommending or selecting gifts for students and their families: --What stories are (and aren't) included? --How is the gospel addressed? --Do the stories accurately reflect biblical accounts? --Does it help children see how the stories fit together?
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March/April 2009
The article mentions only one children's storybook bible by name, from the over 60 surveyed. The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cool Vintage Masterpieces in Neon

The NYT has a cool article on neon (I adore neon) signs in New York. Turns out two of the most fabulous are in my hood. (I see them almost every day.) But, even though they're cheaper to keep than to put up a shiny new plastic one, these masterpieces are disappearing fast. Which is awful to think of. The Dublin House, 225 West 79th Street. Sign from 1933 by E G Clarke is two-sided with a green harp, and "BAR" and "TAP ROOM" flashing on and off Odd interesting fact: The building this sign is on happens to be an old town house, owned at the time by the etiquette writer Emily Post. Who'd have guessed she'd be Prim and Proper and Neon? (I have a new Manners Book coming in May so I think, since I am the new Emily Post, I probably need my very own neon sign outside my apartment flashing on and off.) The P & G sign, 73rd and Amsterdam, which was recently removed, had a circular cafe escutcheon designed by Charles Karsch. The sign at The White Horse Tavern, at Hudson and West 11th Streets (where Dylan Thomas and Jack Kerouac hung out in the 50s and 60s)

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