Friday, January 11, 2008

Old MacNoah

Announcing the arrival of, sailing right into shops near you this very week, the one, the only ...
With a rumble of quacks, moos, and oinks, Old MacNoah has to get his boisterous group of farmyard animals on board his ark before the quickly rising water gets too high, in an amusing--and biblical--twist to a classic children's song.

It's my latest picture book just out this week from HarperCollins! It's beautifully illustrated by Jill Newton (her Dog, Starboard Bob, can be seen rounding up the ducks). And, you'll be glad to know, it's very very silly.

Here's what the publisher says:
"The flood (how could they resist?) of funny sound effects gives this favorite Bible story a twist that’s perfect for sing-along fun."

Here's what I say:
Everyone knows Old MacDonald’s Song but not everyone knows Noah’s version... which I should think must be the original version, don’t you?

Here's what The Critics say
(Well, actually my mum really):

(Actually no sorry she can't speak because she's laughing too hard)

So, you see, there was really only one person I could dedicate the book to: My Old MacMother.

(ARK DISCLAIMER: Sally Lloyd-Jones has never sailed in an actual Ark herself but she’s pretty sure–with all those days at sea–the animals must have sung songs to pass the time and probably if this song had been invented back then, it would have been their favorite.)

You can join in the song and the dance (or even just find out more) here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Johnny Vegas - Al and Monkey talk about tea

well sorry about the infrequent blogging there but I've been away in The Land of Tea (and Maltesers and Christmas Puddings and Chocolate Digestives and all scrumdiddley umptious things like that)... but I thought now would be the time to share this funny duo. Comedian Johnny Vegas as Al and his woollen sidekick Monkey talk about tea in this exclusive behind the scenes footage from their PG Tips campaign... This fascinating clip explains what Al and Monkey have been up to and how they like their tea ... It's a very important question to establish. (I like mine strong, in a pot, inside a tea cosy, and definitely, definitely milk in first) How about you?

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