Friday, September 7, 2007

don't give up, give in, give way!

a friend sent this DML-J quote to me this week and it's so encouraging and inspiring, I thought you'd want to read it, too...

"Frequently there comes a point at which development and advance seem to have come to an end and we are in some kind of doldrums when it is difficult to know whether the work is moving at all, either backwards or forwards. All seems to be at a standstill and nothing seems to be taking place...we are considering people who are not so much tired of the work as tired in it... What shall we say about it and what shall we do about it? Let me say at the outset that there is no aspect of this great problem of depression in which negatives are more important than they are on this particular occasion. Whoever we are found in this position of weariness, before we begin to do anything positive, there are certain negatives that are absolutely all-important.

"The first is this: Whatever you may feel about it do not consider the suggestion that comes to you from all directions - not so much from people, but from within yourself, the voices that seem to be speaking around and about you - do not listen to them when they suggest that you should give up, or give way, or give in. That is a great temptation that comes at this point. You say, 'I am weary and tired, the thing is too much for me.' And there is nothing to say at that point but this negative - do not listen. You always have to start with these 'don'ts' on the very lowest level; and that is the lowest level. You must say to yourself, 'whatever happens I am going on.'

"You do not give in or give way."

Dr David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Peter Sellers' English accents

i thought for such a day as this when we're all going back to school or work or both, we could do with some silliness from this master...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

first teeth

here we are again with poor Griffin who is once more undergoing even further noxious torture at the hands of his cruel and unusual parents. Only this time he's facing first teeth, not first peas.

some people say first teeth are not really your parents' fault
(it's just part of life, they say)
but what has that got to do with anything?
it's still horrible and awful
and why isn't anyone stopping it?
why are they just standing there?
and staring at me?
and taking photos?

what kind of stony-hearted parents would do such a thing?

whoever is to blame for this can't they see how unbearable it is?
make it stop please right this instant. whatever did I do to deserve this? I ate my peas and everything.

(if you need further proof of how hard it is being a baby, you should check out the authorative manual on the subject: HOW TO BE A BABY: by ME, the Big Sister. There are some rather helpful lists and useful facts)

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